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Rev David Redbond

Senior Pastor
Estuary Elim Group

  01702 548438

Mrs Andrea James

Estuary Elim Group

  01702 480366

Pastor Andy Knight

Pastor & Local Leader
Rayleigh Elim

  07747 330068

Rev Dean

Group Pastor & Local Leader (Ashingdon)


Pastor Keith Maynard

Estuary Elim Group

  01702 544922

Pastor Paul Aldridge

Group Pastor & Local Leader (Southend)

  01702 322472

Rev Simon

Group Pastor & Local Leader (Ashingdon)

  01702 204326

Rev Tony

Group Pastor
Estuary Elim

  01245 600138

Where to find us

Ashingdon Elim

Ashingdon Elim Church Ashingdon Elim Pentecostal Church

Corner of Clifton Road, 535 Ashingdon Road, Ashingdon, Rochford,Essex SS4 3HE

Ashingdon Memorial Hall

Ashingdon Memorial Hall Ashingdon Memorial Hall (Sunday Mornings)

Ashingdon Road, Ashingdon, Rochford, Essex SS4 3HF

Rayleigh Elim

Rayleigh Elim Church Rayleigh Elim Pentecostal Church

23 Castle Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7QD

Southend Elim

Southend Elim ChurchSouthend Elim Pentecostal Church

Windermere Road, Southend On Sea, Essex SS1 2RF


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  • Elim Centenary

    1915-2015. 2015 is Elim’s centenary year.

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    God is faithfulness in answering prayer. If you have a prayer request we would be happy to pray for you.

The Ashingdon, Rayleigh and Southend Elim Pentecostal Churches are branches of The Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance (Registered Charity No. 251549)